Once Upon a Time In the East — A Product Manager's Story

Once Upon a Time In the East — A Product Manager’s Story

Disclaimer: All characters and events depicted in this article are entirely real (and represents the protagonist i.e. the author himself). Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is strictly intentional.

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#India Rocks. Good work. Keep it up.

Great that you learnt from the mistakes you made. Many people choose to ignore that and keep blaming things on luck and on other people.

The article was a great read, but why did you choose to write it all in Italics? :wink:

Thank you, very helpful insight!

Thanks @Hackerhodl

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Multitasking can be such a gamechanger, in either a good or a bad way, depending on how well we handle all the tasks. Some people, I’ve observed, can very effectively handle multiple tasks at a go. While others, like me, can mess things up badly. And so, I always try to handle one thing at a time.

@kjace you’re absolutely right - how well we handle the tasks define if multitasking is good or bad. Lot many people have come up with their own solution and frameworks to handle this efficiently. I believe the key lies in prioritisation, and by taking out the most priority task one at a time from your backlog and completing it will be more productive.
I especially follow RICE scoring model and it has worked out well for me. Would be mentioning about different prioritisation techniques and frameworks in my next blog. Stay tuned, Happy reading!

Thanks @brandycandy