Noonies Voting

@Ellen_HackerNoon I cannot seem to find out where/how to vote. Am I just being blind?

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Hello there, you’re not blind, we’re just in the process of launching, check back maybe tomorrow or something. We will have an email and blog post about it :slight_smile: thank you for checking!

BTW: The re-naming to ‘Verse’ video is a prank - right?

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haha as far as I’m aware this is one of our many quirks/sense of humour. I don’t think there are any official plans to change the name to The Verse at this time.

I figured as much. - I like the current branding; it should not be changed.

Hi, Ellen, People keep asking me where they can vote on the Noonies. - Do you have an answer for that?

Sorry about this, it will be launched this week!