Noob Coder trying to "Break into the industry"

I have been learning React and Node for the past four months (8-10 hours a day). I would say I have a pretty good understanding of how the two work together and I have a few repositories on Github. I’m having trouble landing my first Junior role in a company can someone please give me advice.

My approach so far: applying to about 50 jobs on indeed a day.

  1. resume and other profiles
  2. i can post about you in my linkedin network
  3. read articles:,

can think more about it - but interested to hear your reply

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My advice is to spend more time applying for each role, by tailoring your CV to each role, rather than send a generic CV to 50 jobs. For example, if you are applying for a job that requires good customer service experience, make sure that the summary at the top of your CV highlights your customer service experience. If the job that you are applying for requires good book-keeping, then highlight that skill at the top of your CV and repeat this keyword. This would mean less jobs applied for in one day, but it means that your CV will stand out .
Goodluck !


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and then you’ll have a lot of CVs :slight_smile:

Are you receiving calls from positions you have applied to, any phone screens. If not, time to revamp your CV. Many good articles on best practices. Also as mentioned earlier, customize for each job applied for. Identity keywords from the posting and add to your CV. Use a cover letter where possible, target language from the posting. HR many times scans for keywords. Don’t use pdf format, scanners can’t handle as well as test. No matter how good your skills, if you don’t pass your the filter, a recruiter never sees your CV.

If you are seeing callbacks, make note of questions asked and your responses. Adapt your responses and CV for feed back received. Follow up with recruiter and ask for feedback. Applying for and Interviewing jobs is a skill. Practice helps.

Another question is what are you looking for. Don’t overlook contracting or temporary positions. These can get you in the door to gain experience.

Good luck!