Non-technical Founder - coaching & blog request

Hi. I am a non-technical founder, and I have had an interesting journey so far. I am here to ask if anyone is willing to have conversations about technology with me so I can practice being a better communicator. I have read a lot of books, but I learn best by having a conversation.

Furthermore, my startup is focused on esports. My technical coach, a local university professor, recommended that I ask a group of engineers for some feedback on something he thought would be cool. I have been keeping up with the HackerNoon medium page, and this is one of the very few groups that have had anything to either help or support non-technical founders.

  • Would anyone have interest in a competition involving cybersecurity, bots, video game mods, architecture load and stress, compression speeds, etc?

He said that he could see that as a way of replacing interview tests, be a recruitment pipeline for tech jobs, potentially a new collegiate sport, and a way to help advance technology as a whole.