Node.js vs PHP: Which is better for web development?

Node.js vs PHP: Which is better for web development?

Web development seems to be a diverse & ever-changing field. New technologies and tools come up regularly, due to which app programmers and developers have to face the dilemma. They get confused between the long term and mature solutions & the new upcoming ones.

I would say whatever you are more comfortable with, or understand better.
I believe I have used Node.js in classes, (it looks and sounds familiar), and seems a little harder to understand.
PHP though, I have used and ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. It didn’t want to work with me, even when I did everything right. (Ugh)

For my experience, I would try to use whichever one you see as ‘easier’. Easier meaning you understand how to code it, and how to use certain features, rather than which one just seems easy.
I have trouble learning some concepts of certain programming languages, so I would look up tutorials on how to use both and which one you understand. :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

“PHP provides the developers the freedom to combine HTML with the language syntax that makes it even harder for them to extend the PHP apps” LOOL? every program language provides this kinda freedom. i cant find a good article about the differences between them.

AdonisJS was made based on PHP’s Laravel.