No Product, No Startup

Every year, we keep getting reports of the vast amount of startups that don’t stand the test of time. Some of these startups looked promising in previous years and could arguably have been said to be the future. What went wrong? I wouldn’t know for sure you know.

One question I would like to ask you is, what’s the thin line between making a startup stay afloat and not sink? The truth is I will get different replies to this question and the answers may not be far off the truth.

If I am to give my own 2 cents, I would say an unstable and inconsistent product. This might sound cliché but that doesn’t change the fact that no product = no startup.

Other questions that I would like to ask in which I will also provide replies below to are:

  • What can be done to solve this? Building great quality products.
  • How can great quality products be built? Using the best talents out there with great expertise to scale the engineering process.
  • What platform can I use to get these top talents? Grupa: A marketplace for startups to connect with top engineering talent teams who are ready to angel invest their time and expertise for equity.

What are your thoughts? Please share. I would like to know.