Newbies to IOT


Hi Guys, I have published my article in the link below on Internet Of Things for beginners who don’t have much theoretical background on IOT.
This article is just to help out newbies to stop looking around in internet and get all the required resource for a quick hands on project in IOT.:vulcan_salute:


Greetings: while not being a tech per se, I read several on-line articles concerning tech each week, and managed to stumble upon this forum.
Also, have been trying to make a go of being a freelancer and it is quite clear that to myself that when I sign up with related third-parties they all want a photo of each freelancer, but not of the one person, group, or firm that is doing, supposedly, hiring said freelancers and are not required to have their photos on display. Why? Do not bother mentioning that it is for “security” reasons. The third-party businesses engage in data-mining which is the only reasonable conclusion that I can come up with. And how many, percentage wise, of all of the jobs posted on-line are for real? If there are those who have answers I will appreciate any/all responses.