Newbie asks!

I am a new one to your community! But I know that I can find the right answer here.
So now, I am planning to start an online store. And my products will be wood acessories (rings, key chains,bags, etc). As you understand I am holding my own products.
So I have a plan, but I’m stuck between the choice of platform, that will bring me sucess or failure. To choose the right one is so important now. So can you share with your experience or advices how to do that right?


Hi Markle, nice to meet you!

here we go, my advice: it’s not as important as you may think. So just do it quickly. it can be even a coinflip. Because you don’t know problems that you’ll face in future with your shop. Best way is to create a quick landing page for $60. like 1 day of drag-n-drop or just use any template. Unbounce is my and @natasha favorite tool.
And then, when you’ll start to promote your products online - you’ll start to get first deals - then your idea is validated(partially) and you can start to think about your own shop at some platforms like shopify.

Or you can go all-in and after creating Landing Page - you buy some advertising(dont spend a lot - just as experiment. Maybe use $40 that you have from your $100 bill). It will be cool if you’ll get more orders that you can proceed. This will mean that you and your business making evolution leap.

Goooood Luck!

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According to my experience there are many good platforms which you can use for your online store like wordpress template, magneto, weebly etc but first let me know that you are able to buy or want some free because its not a easy job for anybody to manage their store presenece online and you also need to market your products online too, so will recommend to hire web development company or agency where you just send your requirements and they will do the work for you. In Past, i will developed my site from GoodCore and i am very much satisfied with their work too, so if you like you can visit their website.

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