[NEW] Hacker Noon 2.0: Migration-related questions

tl,dr: please read this before posting questions about migration!

Heyo! I locked the other scattered threads about migration issues. Please centralize your questions/concerns about migration within this thread only. That way, we will be able to expedite your concerns better.

We are still going through a lot of migration fixes for y’all. If for any reason you don’t see your stories/your handles populating properly, can’t log in, can’t associate your accounts, can’t edit stories - please keep in mind that the migration is still going on! I’m gonna drop below a bunch of help links for you here. Please check them out thoroughly. We are prioritizing requests that are going through the proper channels mentioned below, this thread, or via support@hackernoon.com.

Thank you for your understanding as we are still trying our hardest to help.


Just want to confirm that oEmbed is not supported in 2.0? If we want to link to a podcast (it’s available on itunes, google, spotify, soundcloud, and more) what would be the suggested way? We can just do links but an embedded player would be ideal.

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I believe we do have beautiful Youtube embed :slight_smile:

I’ll give this some thought. We don’t have video, but it could be a near term option. Thanks!

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Thanks Jon. Embedding all players is ideal, and absolutely on our list to build.

Right on. I’m choosing to think of this as an opportunity. There are some side benefits we can achieve by throwing together a quick video and putting it on youtube. So we’ll go that route.

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I have some problems with my article coming from HackerNoon 1.0 which I couldn’t find proper channels:

  • It seems not being synced and it’s an older version
  • All the photos are missing
  • The code style is not readable


Original: https://medium.com/hackernoon/mueller-report-for-nerds-spark-meets-nlp-with-tensorflow-and-bert-part-1-32490a8f8f12

Many thanks,

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No worries, Maziyar. Here’s your editable draft link: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/mueller-report-for-nerds-spark-meets-nlp-with-tensorflow-and-bert-part-1-32490a8f8f12

Please remember to:

  • Include “This is a 1.0 story that I edited” at the beginning of the article, so we can expedite the process.
  • Reply to this email to request any other stories you’d like to edit.

Best practices - please remember to:

Let me know how else can I help.