New Guaranteed Way to Recover Scammed Bitcoin Stolen Crypto

“The first cryptocurrency loss I experienced was with a fake crypto investment exchange. It happened when the exchange closed with our funds. But I made no attempt to try to contact anyone or alert any law enforcement.” The above are the words of a cryptocurrency investor who lost his cryptocurrency to a cryptocurrency investment scam – one of many who responded to a reporter asking about the lack of recourse people face when their assets are stolen in a hack, exit scam, or Ponzi scheme.

There’s as much as $10 billion in stolen crypto out there in the market. People lose money to different schemes; binary options, forex, investment scam, as well as other forms of a cryptocurrency scam. According to Sam Rogers, CEO of blockchain sleuthing and assets recovery firm AtriumForensics. And he assures victims a fighting chance at getting their funds back.

Exclusively revealed to Hackernoon, Atrium Forensics has teamed up with international investigations and assets recovery firm company -, an independent consultant and globally recommended recovery experts. The joint initiative being launched is called BCA-reporting and combines the latest blockchain forensic techniques with the more established world of legal investigation and asset recovery.

How BCA-Recovery Works to Recover Scammed Bitcoin and Stolen Crypto

BrokerComplaintAlert’s main focus is anti-money laundering (AML) within crypto networks. This is done by analyzing the history of transactions using various smarts and big-data analytics. Similar other likes of Chainalysis and Elliptic, it works with over 50 cryptocurrency exchanges and has built up a large database in this area.

BrokerComplaintAlert’s principal partner, Sam takes a more “traditional” approach. This usually involves blockchain analysis and investigation to trace and track down the money path to recover details need to recover money from binary options trading scam. Recover money lost to binary options, recover stolen bitcoin and recover your lost cryptocurrency.

Recover Scammed Bitcoin Stolen Crypto by Following the Money

Jerry Lewis explained that there are two paths that can be followed when it comes to a crypto investigation: figure out who did it or follow the money. BCA’s objective here is asset recovery, first and foremost, since that’s what the client is paying for. But ultimately both paths lead to the same place, said Lewis.

He added: “It is inconceivable that the investigative process would finish without us giving all the details to relevant law enforcement for them to get the benefit of the work and lock the thieves up.” The majority of BrokerComplaintAlert’s focus will be to recover bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lost to bitcoin and cryptocurrency scam.

Recover bitcoin and cryptocurrency lost through other means retrieve stolen funds and ether, but will also cover XRP, BCH, LTC, NEO and DASH. Unfortunates who have lost assets can learn more here. As for those who’ve had coins pilfered, some remain philosophical about it. “That’s life,” said the aforementioned investor, adding: “It made me grow a lot and it’s part of my adventure in crypto.”

How to Recover Scammed Bitcoin Lost Crypto 2021 offers all clients access to some of the most talented blockchain financial forensic experts. Everyone is committed and passionate about working on behalf of clients. The firm’s record of success in bitcoin recovery, binary options recovery, make them the preferred choice when it comes to recovering scammed or stolen bitcoin.

BCA is well known as one of the best funds recovery experts on the internet. And the firm’s name carries the respect of many financial recovery and forensic specialists. It is no wonder you will easily find BrokerComplaintAlert being mentioned a lot on the internet and on a lot of online articles. They are known for championing the causes of people who have suffered losses and been treated unjustly.

BCA always welcomes the chance to take on the most important and high-profile issues of our time. Because cryptocurrency is still early in its adoption cycle, citizens who are intrepid enough to venture into space are exposed to risks that can cause them large losses when trading in initial offerings (ICOs and IEOs) and on exchanges in the secondary market.

Unlike on traditional exchanges registered with the SEC, investors in crypto are less protected from misinformation, often subjected to wild price fluctuations, and may find that basic fiduciary duties are ignored. The result: financial losses that can often be devastating for the investor. is Best Way to Recover Scammed Bitcoin Stolen Cryptocurrency

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IMPORTANT: Only report cases involving the equivalent of $50,000 US Dollar and above to!!!

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The sad truth is that you cannot ever get your money back…not because it’s impossible but because of the cost involved, not worth going for under 1mil, so you see the Mums and Dads that loose their life savings are totally stuffed. These guys are total scams. Safarojas, or who ever you are try to remember that anyone who is looking at this is desperate, please do throw them under a bus with recommending these scammers.