[NEW] Did you review my stories thread (4+ days since submission)

Thanks @Hackerhodl - you’re awesome!
(watch this space - more to come!)

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Hello @natasha

I submitted my story 25 days ago and still not publish. Please have a look


Please review my story:
Python Async decorator to reduce Debug woes…

Hi, its been 19 days I submitted the story. It is not published yet. Please have a look at this.


Hi @Hackerhodl,

I fixed another one of my stories imported from Medium, and took the chance to also update it after one year. Would you please review and publish?


It’s been in the submitted status for about two months (I think it got stuck when importing), so I thought I would tell you here.


Hey @tayyab-ali,

After consideration, we’ve decided that this article does not fit Hacker Noon at the moment. We thank you for your time and effort, and we’re looking forward to reading more of your content! Best, Hacker Noon Team.


Keep up the good work and keep writing on Hacker Noon.

Another lovely story @albertocuesta. Published on the front page.

In case there are any more pending stories for importing, do let me know. Can’t bear to have your stories stuck in limbo.

Heartiest apologies @bilal1

Kicking myself for not getting to this amazing story earlier. Published it on the front page.

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Thanks @Hackerhodl! Your feedback is very important to me :smiley:


Hey it’s over 4 days can you please review my story


Waiting for positive reply

Hello @David,
It’s been six days since I submitted a post. No one has opened it yet. The last time @utsavjaiswal did and everything went smoothly.
This might have gone at the bottom of the pile due to weekend.

Can you please look into it?

Hello Editor @Hackerhodl ,

I have submitted an article 14 days ago. Here is the link: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/revolution-of-artificial-intelligence-in-e-commerce-in-2020-vo41l232q

Kindly let me know the update on this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Hackerhodl
I have submitted my story 5 days ago. It was still in drafts.
Kindly review my article and publish asap.
Here is my article - https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/the-best-android-emulator-for-windows-10-nl31e329j

Hi @Storm @natasha

Please review my story:


Just finished updating my new draft with a diclosure at the end. Please review: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/4-important-ways-artificial-intelligence-will-improve-online-training-wuk532sa

Hi @natasha,

I have submitted my story two days ago, kindly review and publish.

Hi @natasha, I submitted my story a week ago: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/N2yACuFWGbZdYbcBrzXW
Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s been 4 days since I submitted my story on HackerNoon, and still, nobody reviewed or made it live. Please help me with the same. Here is the draft link https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/AQanvdGOXBIdcwB8HTz9, the title is ‘Docker and Best Practices for DevOps’. Since my last DevOps article was reviewed by @utsavjaiswal, I am tagging him here. As per the above editors, I am also tagging @Storm