[NEW] Did you review my stories thread (4+ days since submission)

kindly review my article - https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/swiftui-apples-advanced-ui-framework-for-designing-interactive-ios-apps-9a12q2f1c

Hi Vignesh,

After consideration, we’ve decided that this article does not fit Hacker Noon at the moment. We thank you for your time and effort, and we’re looking forward to reading more of your content!


Hacker Noon Team.

Hello Sir @Hackerhodl ,

Kindly review and update me on this story.

Waiting for your reply!!

Thanks in advance.

HI @natasha & @David
It’s been 7 days since I submitted the draft. Could you please review it?

Hey @laurajelen, there appears to be some unnatural links to negotiations.com. Do you want to disclose that you’re working with them? Or can I remove links?

Hello beautiful people at HackerNoon, @natasha

It’s sixth day of my first submitted draft, can you have a look at it


Hey editors, I submitted an article 18 days ago, but I didn`t get any feedback :frowning:

I would appreciate any feedback. Article is here: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/8-tricks-that-will-make-you-a-master-of-public-speaking-ne2i031zd

Thank you! :relaxed:

Dear Editors!

I submitted my article 9 days ago. Can you kindly review it?

Thank you!

Can you review and publish my draft, please?

Thanks a lot!

Glad to hear back from you @David. I’m in a partnership with Negotiation Experts to create professional content. In which way would you like me to disclose it?

Hello @Hackerhodl Sir,

Its been 11 days, I have submitted this story. Kindly update me on this.


Dear @David,
It’s been 21 days since I submitted the draft. Could you please check it and get feedback?
The draft is here:
Thank you!

Hi @Hackerhodl , Please review my story and publish it. It’s been 4 days…


Hi @Hackerhodl / @utsavjaiswal,

I submitted this draft on Monday: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/switching-from-manual-to-automated-crypto-trading-874gw2cji

I wanted to ask you to please NOT publish it during the weekend. Leave it for weekdays if at all possible.


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@scott2 and @nadya-anisimova - Your stories have been reviewed and published. Re-titled it for more impact. If you do not like it, you can change it back.

@InfStones - To republish stories published by a company before, please purchase Brand As Author credits and resubmit. (Link to purchase form - here) (What is Brand As Author? - here)

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Hello sir please published My stories here is the link I am waiting for 5 Days @David @Hackerhodl



Hi @Kodipyaka,

Please check your DMs

@jaredpolites - Published. Retitled for Impact. In case you do not like it, you can change it back.

@lachlan-kirkwood - Published.

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Thank you!!!