[NEW] Did you review my stories thread (4+ days since submission)

@arthur.tkachenko @David Review it new one story: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/top-4-tools-for-game-lovers-6eql22g7

It’s upto 5 Days.

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You asked for one change and I resubmitted a couple of days ago - when will it be published please @Hackerhodl ?


All good, thanks

Hello Sir,

Kindly review my story and please update me about it. submitted by 6 days ago. here is the link


Hi @Hackerhodl!

Any chance you can put my latest piece (https://hackernoon.com/the-starters-guide-to-coding-killer-trading-bots-r21a2gzh) in the Cryptocurrency category? It got buried in deeper categories and it’s feeling lonely :wink:

Also, for some reason I haven’t been able to edit it (the edit page doesn’t load). The piece is 100% crypto-trading oriented, so a better title may be “The Starter’s Guide to Coding Killer Crypto-Trading Bots”…


Please do the following and resubmit:

  1. disclose vested interest in trotrons


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Okay I am resubmitted again to remove the link on the trotons… please publish it .



Thanks, I can’t find it anywhere on the website without directly searching for it. Is that because of what appears to be a broken featured image, is there anything I can do to help it get shared to more people? @Hackerhodl

Hope you guys can review this one https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/MiHNxkir39Dz59zhXfbB

This is a very informative thread. Hopefully it can aid me when I have to submit some of my stories with the community!

It has been 8 days since I have not received any response from your end. Please review it here: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/Vt5qbIYMctwAtxuCJxbz


@tedmikulski and @john07 - Your stories promote brands without disclosure of vested interests.

To publish as individuals, do the following:

  1. Disclose vested interest in backlinked company
  2. Add competitors
  3. Add drawbacks/pitfalls of the service

@David can you please have a look at these submissions?
https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/gkxwDud8eHfcu5zHBALw (@arthur.tkachenko has been edited, but can’t find what exactly :D)

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@arthur.tkachenko @David @Hackerhodl Please take it review my submitted story: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/AwoCyJQwBWESnP6GS2zo

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