[NEW] Did you review my stories thread (4+ days since submission)

Please post the link here when following up on stories!

@Hackerhodl please review my https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/libra-the-ideavirus-9u653vi0, submitted ~7 days ago. Thx.

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Sorry, I must have forgotten to. https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/reinforcement-learning-the-value-function-hl1a83wwi

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Hi @natasha @Storm

Posted a new story : https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/make-a-choice-between-react-angular-vue-to-create-web-apps-pga6q305i

Waiting for your approval!


Please have a look on this story @natasha @Storm


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I’m having severe issues uploading pictures of any sort into the article I’m trying to write here. Any advice on fixing this?

It’s giving Firebase permission issues and “innerText undefined” errors in the dev console. There appears to be bugs on the website.

@Storm @Hackerhodl Any advice on what to do? Do you all still accept Medium articles? I’ve tried everything to port over the article to this site, and none of the image upload options work on any browser I have.

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hi @natasha @Storm

provide approval on my stories submitted a week ago. These are my old stories with hackernoon I have made some changes to these stories. Kindly approve them.



@Hackerhodl @utsavjaiswal
My article is pending for more than 7 days.
Can you please review this: https://app.hackernoon.com/drafts/game-theory-within-dpos-platforms-71aff3d84


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@natasha @Storm
Hi there,

I have submitted my story https://medium.com/@lilicaway/building-an-es6-application-with-the-help-of-typescripts-dom-types-2867b7d2ad9b?source=friends_link&sk=cb72a79c309828f611726b4378677af8

Would you please review it?


Hello @Storm,
@David @natasha
Kindly review my article “On-Demand App Development: Holds the Key for a Successful Business” and let me know the update on this.

here is link

It is pending for the last 15 days time.



Reviewed. Check Your DMs.

Hey Michiel,

Heartiest apologies. This was a wonderful story and I’m kicking myself for letting this slip through the cracks. It’s on the front page now. At the top. Definitely going on the newsletter too.

Keep up the good work.

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Hey @liliana,

The link is a medium link. To publish on Hacker Noon, you need to submit it as a draft by creating it at app.hackernoon.com

Published @hellyellie

Thanks @natasha

Thanks for the help mate! @Hackerhodl

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Hey @nwthomas,

Let’s fix your issues.

Sending you a DM.

Please review my story @Hackerhodl @natasha

I have submitted 4 days ago please publish it today .


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Hey guys!
I have submitted the new article, with edits, according to all existing rules. Please check out @Hackerhodl @natasha: