"New accounts limited to two links"

Hello I am trying to respond to a discussion and was hit with this limit “new accounts are limited to two links in a post”. Please whitelist my account so I can make a complete contribution to the discussion I am having. Thank you.

@moderators @David

P.S. I can’t seem to send DMs either, so I had to post this as a thread rather than message the mods directly… so apologies to the general audience for this admin spam.

This is still happening. Seriously y’all, how am I supposed to have a meaningful conversation if I can only put two links in a post… @David @admins

Just gonna keep posting on this thread. Maybe it’ll automatically take off this silly limitation.

Here’s another post. Let’s get rid of this two link limit, yeah!

Re-categorized this into the Product category. Maybe it will get more attention there :thinking:

Hey @light! My apologies for this frustrating issue. Are you still seeing this issue?

@support Do we have link-out limitations? Would love to get some info so we can help this user out, and keep our FAQ updated for the future :slight_smile:

Hi @faithcorinne after a sufficient amount of posting and liking things in other threads the limit has been lifted for me. But it was a bit of trial and error to get there. Cheers