Need some advice regarding my web3 project. Is any web3 developer or expert here?

I am planning to build a web3 based application for my business. Any web3 developer or expert who likes to share their experience and issues that I may encounter during my development journey.

Web3 is a futuristic technology that is an upgrade from web2-based centralised platforms. Being decentralised web3 ensures robustness and security. Web3 offers better graphics and user experience.

Keep a few things in mind while the development of your web3 project:

No one is going to take the authority or the responsibility of the data or scam content. so make sure to hire someone who takes complete responsibility of the work that includes security as their first priority.

Web3 Application are hard to develop. The data is stored in blockchain on different networks. More problems occur due to this:
The consensus method is holding back progress.
The use will depend on the blockchain, which may have some problems.
Using services from third-party tools to build the app.
Debugging and testing issues.

If you want your web3 application to be the one in all hire someone with great expertise and experience in this field.

I also had a these issues while development of my web3 project but hiring RisingMax was my best decision. Their experience and knowledge led me to the successful completion of my project. I am not promoting them but yes best should be recommended.

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Thanks for the valuable advice.