Need help with publishing my article

Hi team,

I had submitted an article 4 days ago and would love to see it go live. Can anyone help me with that? Link:

Love you 3000! :heart: :grin:

@Hackerhodl another request :slight_smile:


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Thank you!!!:heart:

@arthur.tkachenko and @Hackerhodl, appreciate the job you are doing. But, are we supposed to always create a thread of new posts before they are being published?

I am new here. And from my observation, this seems to be what most people are doing. Submitted my article for some days now and it is still not published. Anything I am doing wrong?

Hey @adeyemi-adetilewa,

Post threads in community are created as soon as your story is published.

Any comments on your story reflect at both places, the comment thread on the main site and the community thread here.

Hope that helps.

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