My two posts are in pending state now from long time. Not rejected now published

Here are links to post:-

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Hey, Please respond anyone its being too long now

There is a huge migration process going right now.
All 17000 authors moving into a new software. Iā€™m sure soon articles will be reviewed and published, just wait a bit. There is some limit for articles that going to be published for each day.

i see that your second article about food delivery. Iā€™m also working on food project as well - are you interested to talk about? maybe we can collaborate somehow?

Yes, I find something interesting we can certainly collaborate.

@arthur.tkachenko send my story to editor for review.

Check it out: Story Review Needed from Editor

Guys, can you check this thread @utsavjaiswal @Hackerhodl?

Hey @faizan4it,

Check your DMs

@arthur.tkachenko ā€“ Thank you.

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