My story was rejected because hacker noon thinks its promotional even though it's not

Can a mod please check?
my article is just an informative article with the source, (i have nothing to sponsor)
here is the draft link

sorry to bother, but can you look at this? @David

@arthur.tkachenko could you help, please?


Hi @theone For faster reply, head to in the future.

This wasn’t rejected for promotional reasons, this was rejected because it was too short. It is 260 words.

If we sent an email saying it was promotional, that was a mistake. You are right this is educational and a cool topic.

Maybe you can flesh it out a bit by writing more about it, potential use cases, how it was made, etc.

Ideal article lengths are 800+, we’d even recommend pushing for 1000+.

But if you can at least flesh it out to 500 words, I’ll be happy to take a look at it again.

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thanks for letting me know, I didn’t see any reason for rejection in the mail so I misunderstood. sure I’ll edit the article.
but please from next time add critics as well so we can improve our writing.