My Privacy-First Android Browser just crossed 100K Safe Searches

For those that don’t know (might be many of you) - Snap Search is my little side project that provides a secure way of searching the web. It’s an Android browser that is forever in Incognito mode; has a better performing ad, tracker and analytics blocker; lightweight at ~4MB and has over 50 search engines/websites to search with just 1 tap!

Happy to share that more than 100,000 searches have been completed using Snap Search. It finally feels like I’ve at least made a small contribution towards privacy online, and so many people have trusted me with it.

Here are some important numbers we’ve recently crossed too:

  • 100+ Subscribers
  • $200+ in MRR
  • 6000+ Bookmarks
  • 800+ DAU

You can read more about this milestone here or, if you’re an Android user: Download Snap Search :slightly_smiling_face:

Would love to hear your thoughts on it, and any feedback too obviously :grin:

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