My posts are in Spanish; I want to contribute to AI education in Latin America

I have written four posts, one already submitted, in Hacker Noon, which I consider to be my favorite publishing site. All my posts are original deep learning tutorials in Spanish. As a Mexican, I have a strong interest to extend the knowledge of deep learning to Spanish speakers. However, it is not clear if Hacker Noon will publish material that is not in English.

Most Latin American countries have a low English proficiency and they are turning to Spanish-speaking educational platforms like Platzi. In other words, to democratize technological knowledge it is relevant to publish in Spanish.

Will Hacker Noon publish in Spanish? I volunteer myself to be in the editorial team in Spanish. Here is my linkedin.

@Storm , sorry I forgot to tag you! Thank you for your time.

Hey @omar-espejel, we are focused on English and cannot provide the same editorial support for other languages at this time. But we have published some stories in Spanish (example), and if your story needs no editing, we are open to publishing your story in Spanish on Hacker Noon right now. Long term, I think the entire Hacker Noon library should be available in Spanish (and other languages), but we do no have the infrastructure, budget and quality control to go all in on Spanish just yet.

Hi @David , thanks for your kind and timely response. Great attention to the authors!

I would love to publish with you! I have submitted two stories that do not need editing ("Entendiendo PyTorch: las bases de las bases and “Manipulación de tensores en PyTorch. ¡El primer paso para el deep learning!”). I plan to continue publishing material in Spanish in Hacker Noon, so for each story should I follow the submission process or write a post here?

Please consider me when you need to edit articles in Spanish (or English) in the long-term view you mention. It would be a pleasure to contribute with my grain of sand.