My Post hasn't been Published Yet [resolved]

Hey guys, I just posted an awesome interview. Could you have a look at this and let me know;

Hey there @Naijablogguy, thanks for this submission! I’ve published it, but I have some feedback for next time.

I think this interview would be of more value to our audience if it included more practical advice - in its current format, it does’t have much “meat” to it, in terms of practical insight. Perhaps this is something to keep in mind for your next interview? Try asking more specific questions, like “what are the top 3 metrics you use to track your team’s progress?” or “which marketing analytics tools are part of you techstack?”.

To address this problem in this article, I’ve inserted links to related content on Hacker Noon, in case readers would like to go more in depth on any of the topics raised in the interview. Next time, please consider a more practical focus!


Hello mam @natasha my profile is i have submitted many artickles but taking long time to approve

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Hey there @rana-raj,
I ran a quick plagiarism check on 3 of your 12 articles in our Editorial queue, and it seems they’ve been posted elsewhere online by different authors?

Hello @natasha @arthur.tkachenko please review my profile I was submitted article before 20 days but didn’t approved any posts

@priya-raj can you share your draft url?

Check @arthur.tkachenko

Hello @natasha please review @natasha @arthur.tkachenko Please review my article. @natasha @arthur.tkachenko Please review and Publis my article.


It has been 5+ days, my story has not published.

@arthur.tkachenko @natasha

Thanks in advance

In fact, the publishing time/lack of feedback is becoming a big problem for Hackernoon.

We, as writers, want more feedback about the publishing process. My post is waiting for almost a week now. It had some edits, but nothing about publishing. We end up on the dark without knowing the status of it. Or Hackernoon improves this or we will end up finding a publisher that gives us more clarity.

And the support email is useless by the way. Never got a response from there.

Hi Luiz, we try our best. Or I can say I’m trying my best.
Plan to upgrade our processes and maybe it will improve work on our side.

And yeah, I’m an author as well and I understand your frustration. What works for me? It better to write another story, while you waiting for review.

Btw, don’t forget that we’re a small team, plus we all stressed with pandemic and stuff.
Actually, replying or checking forum it also eating time, time that can be used for articles review.

From the other side - review is necessary because it can help us to show only cool content from our writers.

Feel free to “attack” me, because if your story related to coding - it’s my field of responsibility.

Btw, what is your draft url?

@arthur.tkachenko I totally understand that you are a small team, and I appreciate your work. Sorry if I sound rude. I just think we need more feedback. We need to understand what is going on, set our expectations. As authors we keep checking or mailboxes to check if it was published, we become eager about it, and it is for a good reason: publishing here has a good positive impact.

My draft:

@natasha i will be happy to see this live . please review and publish

hii @arthur.tkachenko i have submitted many article like

please REVIEW and publish my articles

Agree with you. Even before joining HN, I publish my main articles here.
Now i’m moving all of my articles to HN.
Will check your story now. Hope soon we’ll introduce a better system for communication between editors and writers.