My Journey Building a Tech Startup [Resources Listed]

My Journey Building a Tech Startup [Resources Listed]

So this is what the next generation is listing to? Surprised to see the Grateful Dead kick us off. A lot of this music was from before you were born. I suppose it makes sense, people have made music for thousands of years, why is the last 16 years more likely to make better music than all time before it? Great to read the determination, progress and follow through of your entrepreneurial journey.

I would add that there are infinite successful paths, and when I read: “4 Learning how a Startup works — Funding, Sponsorships and more. This is the final step before you start generating revenue, applying for incubation programs, getting investors and sponsors.” All businesses should generate revenue, ideally as close to day 1 as possible. Revenue can get a startup off the ground and make it a sustainable business; it’s proof of market traction. Many big startups never needed investment… but however you get it, $$$$ certainly increases growth optionality.

Just signed up to the newsletter. Looking forward to what you make next.

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I appreciate your inputs. Yes, we have planned on generating revenue on our upcoming web applications through a total of eight ways including but not limited to sponsored content ( getting sponsors is a huge step, I’m aware but maybe being aware might help in my endurance to neglections throughout until we finally find one ), advertisements, affiliate marketing, setting up a fremium model of our service, generating leads, and more until we finally settle to a maximum of three sources of revenue model. And of course, once we start generating substantial revenue to prove that the service is viable, incubation programs would come into play that would help us get funding from the VCs. But well, let’s see what the future holds.

I just read your article. looks amazing and I like how next-gen is focused on doing something, especially business. awesome mindset. at your age, I want to play Fifa and get a new pair of brown Converse. So if you enjoying your current direction - go forward! but be ready that it can be a long road.

But as you have ~ 4-5 years before “Wake up you need to make money” - you have more chances that other people.

I totally agree with @david comment. you should decide - do you want to play code(as I did for example) or you should focus on finding your market.

When you replying
<< advertisements, affiliate marketing, setting up a freemium model of our service, generating leads, and more until we finally settle to a maximum of three sources of revenue model

I’m reading it - I don’t know what will work. I’m on the same page with my project. I even create an article explaining monetization options - but it’s only planning. So test things. Pick the first option and try to test it in a few weeks. Then move to the next option, etc.

Totally agree that your path will be unique - so sometimes follow rules, but sometimes forget them and follow your heart. Because if this journey will make you sad - it’s not cool.

And don’t be shy and try something crazy and stupid.
For example - ask David and 10 other people to sponsor you. It’s not about money - it’s about inspiration.

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It’ll be really helpful if you @David can sponsor ArisVeam :smile:

Ha @arthtyagi, customer first! I’m not doing any paid marketing right now, but I can offer some free brand as author credits for ArisVeam.

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@arthtyagi you see - something going on if you can start a wave :slight_smile:

Great Grateful Dead story in this episode of The Cut; didn’t know where else to put it.