My hackernoon posts are gone



Not sure what happened but my posts are gone:

I normally have access to them on both medium and hackernoon but now they are gone from medium and also from Hackernoon.

So my posts have vanished somewhere. Any idea where?




You are not alone, many of my articles are now not displaying, not sure what happened? HackerNoon support, I have also dropped email to you, can you please look at them urgently?



Today my posts are gone from Medium but they do appear on Hackernoon. However, formatting is not good (bullet points missing, links not showing), some content is gone (embedded tweet), and the link to my profile leads to 404.


I guess they are still migrating. I checked a few other contributors, some of their stories are displaying while some are not. Maybe HN will fix it in couple of days.

In my case, I cant login even though I had secured my hackernoon handle way before 2.0 launch.


replied at Hacker Noon Writer Dashboard Welcome Screen


Put more here:


hey @javinpaul. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for reporting the bugs. Our engineering team is looking at it right now and we will be back in touch today.


Hey @PhilH. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for reporting the bugs. Your stories are not gone, they are still backed up in Medium server and our server. You should see them back up soon. We are working hard on this issue today.


Dear @joshuadavis31 - so sorry about the inconvenience. Thank you for emailing us about this issue as well. To confirm, the stories are not gone from either site. They are still backed up in both of our servers. Our engineering team is working hard on this issue today and will be in touch with you soon.


Hey @javinpaul - you can now access all of your stories posted above. If you notice any other story missing, please let us know. We are still generating all missing stories and might miss some.


Your stories are now back up, please check the URL. You can see them now on your hacker noon profile by signing in to with your community email & password & update your profile with your Medium handle.

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Like I said… my posts are GONE. Meaning the ability to edit them is GONE.


Ok nevermind I just cant LOG OUT of your platform.

This makes no sense and is infuriating. Please create a way for users to “log out” so that they can “log in” This is intolerable.




Thanks, but I just can’t see my latest story either


Yes - I am aware. We were able to scrape 11 out of the 12 links you sent. Will continue to update you with the recent most post. Thank you for your patience.


Hey - this is your new Hacker Noon writer dashboard, which doesn’t have any stat as you haven’t written any story. Your archived stories that you complained about are both there. Just like Medium mentions, they are working to direct your Medium link to the right place. They are not lost. You still can edit them. If you do wish to take down your Hacker Noon stories though, we are happy to oblige.


And here is another list, some of them are showing 404 and they are also the most popular ones as well, Please restore them quickly if you can …


Absolutely. Will enter this to our database. Thank you for your patience.