My Article is not published yet, Please look into it

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I have submitted one article on hackernoon but it’s not published yet, can you please look into it and get it published once you get time. Below is the preview link:

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Hello @Ellen_HackerNoon, Can you please review my article.

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I apologize however I have chosen to reject this article. I’m not sure this article offered enough value add. It seems to be a piece largely intended for link promotion which we don’t allow. If you’d like to speak on why Ohio is becoming a hotspot for American startups, then you would have to look into various published research on the matter and make sure to link a few good sources.

Sorry about that!

Hello @Ellen_HackerNoon,

Thanks for the reply,

I have chosen all companies that have their office in Ohio, that’s why I have written this blog. I mentioned all Ohio companies in my blog, If you found any promotional link then you can freely remove that link. I have written this blog according to the hacker noon audience and existing posts. So please try once to post my article.

Thanks in Advance @Ellen_HackerNoon