My article hasn't been reviewed for more than 4 days

Continuing the discussion from [NEW] Did you review my stories thread (4+ days since submission): @Storm could you please review my story Thanks in advance!

I have submitted my story with the titled as Important Technologies for Vehicle Fleet Management 6 days ago. But It’s still pending. Can you please review and publish it?

Here is my draft article - .

Kindly look into this…


I Have submitted my story more than 7 days ago it still not reviewed. Here is the title of my story Top Mcafee Activate Antivirus Tool Kit for Protecting Systems/Data from Virus If there any changes require then please let me know. I will do that ASAP.

Good day! My story more than 5 days are not reviewed:
If there any changes require please let me know.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,
Denis Lagutenko

Hi @natasha!

Could you please review my story:

Or maybe you could advise what’s the queue for reviewing at the moment.

Thanks a lot!