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It was a proud Saturday morning, seeing this stat:
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Big thank you to editors, fellow authors at Hackernoon who encouraged and improved me along the journey…

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Wow! Reading. Also like this hot topic - i see a lot of “faces” that don’t agree with you :wink: Keep going

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Thanks Arthur! Yeah, I saw those faces too. No one wants to hear doomsayers (though I am not one but was perceived as one) because they tend to bring one out of their his / her zones. To each his own…

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Yup, that is awesome! I had one get featured by medium and the stats were crazy!
It was this one:


Interesting topic! And thanks for the shout-out! :slight_smile:

I have to respectfully disagree with your assertion that Senior Software Engineers are on the way out, though. While I acknowledge that there’s a massive influx of Juniors, there will always be a place, a critical need, for the skills of Seniors in the space. Without Seniors, Juniors are doomed to repeating the same mistakes over and over. And what will happen when those Juniors learn more, gain experience, and demand the higher salary they’ve earned as newfound Seniors? Will they be chucked out after a few years? I’d honestly like to have a discussion around this, as it directly affects my career and my future.

In any case, congrats on getting distribution on your article!


thanks Michael…
I checked your articles too which are great in quality.
Quite some content that I need to catch up there!


@austin thanks a lot!

I fully agree seniors have a place but it has has been largely reduced by online training / IDEs / forums already in last 10 years. Senior devs mostly establish company culture (and dev environments), which is something I believe they will be irreplaceable in.

Apart, they are the only bridge between management and junior devs.

And that is precisely the pain point - our industry is on the verge of losing quite some competent senior devs simply because there maybe little left beyond performing that bridging role. Or simply the reward for doing so will be too low.

Just like you - I found a few dissenters in comments too, and I took it up to myself to lately update the article with some links to supplement the doomsday forecast (which obviously isn’t attributed to me).

All in all, many would be able to supply examples of how great they once were as senior devs, or how great senior devs they got as mentors - the article points towards mainstream trend that could soon become a future. Not to mention - along with influx of junior devs, we are witnessing exponential numbers as remote freelancers which are off course, senior devs moving for good :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot buddy!

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@niravbhatt.cpp anytime! Glad we can have a discussion about this. :slight_smile:

There’s a part I believe you missed, a crucial piece of what makes senior devs so valuable: experience and know-how. Senior devs know when a given approach won’t work, quickly, and they can explain why. They know how expensive a given approach will be, both in terms of time and money. They can teach junior devs their skills, make sure they don’t fall into any tar pits or rabbit holes. I truly do not believe that any amount of online training, or forums, or IDEs, can replace talking to a human that understands the specific needs of your particular business. My mentors over the years have been invaluable, impossible to replace, incredible in their insights, teachings, and advice.

If you’re right, if senior devs are on the way out, I guess I would have to find a new industry…it would be a real let-down, if that happened, because we’d be missing out on the wisdom of our elders, endlessly reinventing the wheel and bashing our heads against the wall on problems that were solved decades ago by people smarter than us.

If I’m missing anything here, if I’m totally looking past the point you’re making, please let me know! I’d like to understand where you’re coming from, but at the end of the day, we may just have a fundamental disagreement and may have to agree to disagree. :slight_smile: In any case, I think we can come to a reasonable conclusion.

Thanks again for starting the conversation! This is a major part of why I come to this forum.


@austin some nice sum up there about senior dev’s responsibilities. And that’s what senior professionals have been doing, not only in software, but in every industry.

The question is, are they amply compensated for mentoring? If ever there comes a tipping point (it already has) when they start demanding they due, how fair is industry likely to respond?

Some 15 years ago IT infrastructure maintenance was a nightmare - if you ask anyone. It relied on proprietary tools whose licenses were expensive. Every now and then the stack changed (due to companies’ financial decisions) - and senior devs were continually challenged as if they were the backbone of the whole show. And it wasn’t sole responsibility of devops, even in big companies. Tech leads carried significant load of it.

Today this whole chorus is down to open source. Even though it requires expertise to set up, it carries very little technical debt, hence less dependency on senior dev’s skills. For DB, there is cloud. For source control there is git and bitbucket. Instead of VMs there are containers. Code packages are open source.

If this was some other industry, the answer would be simple question of demand vs supply.

But software is special in the sense that both industry and senior dev got their options. Industry has got tools, videos and open source to guide juniors (in future, chatbots might do it for junior devs too). Senior devs have freelance career / startup.

That is the forecast the article is trying to formulate, and it would be interesting to see how industry vs individual moves over the next few years, with so much coding taught in schools, so many companies existing without offices.

In someone’s software scifi nightmares - who knows, blockchains might create companies on the fly like docker containers :slight_smile:, scoops away some precious million coins, and destroy them just like those infamous ICOs…:dizzy_face:


@niravbhatt.cpp fair points! I especially like this bit:

Nope. :upside_down_face:

Excellent points, and I have to agree, companies are certainly attempting to replace senior devs with junior devs, and they’re using the tools you mentioned. Whether they’ll be successful is another question altogether. I honestly hope they don’t succeed. I hope the industry goes in the opposite direction and recognizes the wisdom of elder devs, and the ageism stops, and it’s acceptable and normal to be a dev until you retire. That’s probably a pipe dream, though.

Thanks for clarifying!

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@austin And thanks to you for bringing about these thoughts out of my keyboard. I wish I could bring them in the original article at the time of penning my conclusions!

More power to the community who thinks together…

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