My advice for non-tech founder want to build an app

Can someone provide a reference or guide to app development. Just something that a non computer science person can understand that provides them base knowledge of terms used and design process.

Long story short is have a great idea but need to find a technical partner. So though its good to have some understand of what is required.

My reply:

  1. first of all - you need to have a place/document where you explain what exactly you want to do at your app. it should be easy to understand to everyone - you can try to read it to your relatives and see if they understand what is needed. like i’m reading to my granny and when she asks questions - there is a place for clarification.

  2. i have a feeling that you were inspired by some other apps that are actually on the market. So it’s great to make a bunch of screenshots with detailed explanation of what do you like and what you want to “steal”

  3. tech stack usually depends on personal wishes/experience to exact developer. It can be anything, but as bootstrapper - you want to do it cheaply. As developer, i’ll advice to use React Native. As Maker - I’ll advice to not hire/give equity to a developer and use some drag-n-drop tools that will help you to get a better understanding of what you trying to archive. Don’t go big. start with simple 5-9 screens for app

  4. Design. there tons of cool UI templates that cover your needs for first years. check

  5. Instead of building everything from scratch and spend time/money - try to go smart and research what tools/services are on the market. it will also give you additional insights. app development market is huge - there a lot of services that will give you a bug-free and great results

  6. instead of building everything at one “place” try to split your functionality into small blocks. and create a clear explanation of what and how exactly it should work


Something that also needs to be kept in mind re: #1 - relatives are usually very careful about criticism and often say that everything makes sense just to keep you happy… (or to stop you from talking about your project :smiley: )

But yes, incredibly important to understand what your app would be doing and how to explain it to other people.