Music makers of HN: what does your setup look like?


I want to see your equipment, your instruments, your DAW, and anything else you use to make music!


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A little late to the party but this is I think the best picture of my setup!

DAW: Logic Pro X
Monitors: Prodipe 5 something something. It’s been 6 years. :sweat_smile:
Audio Interface: Steinberg UR28M
Keyboard: Nektar Impact 49
Guitar: PRS SE Paul Allender
Headphones: Shure something something 7 years old.
Coffee: Nescafe Dolce <— the most important one
DAW Template: I do mostly cinematic orchestral so it’s usually around 100+

Here’s a snapshot of my latest track (super messy though):



Beautiful! :heart_eyes: Is that a sliding tray for your keyboard? That looks marvelous!

I was considering a Nektar Impact 49, for my next keyboard, although I need to solve the ASIO issue first. Apparently I don’t have a sound card that supports ASIO, so I’m using ASIO4all…does the Steinberg audio interface solve that issue? Is it like an external sound card? Please forgive my ignorance – I’m just starting out.

Back to the keyboard, does it have fully weighted keys? Semi-weighted? I’m curious what it would feel like, compared to this Akai MPK Mini I’m working with now.

Have you used Ableton Live at all? If so, how does it compare to Logic Pro?

Awesome stuff, in any case. Thanks for sharing! Cinematic orchestral music sounds like fun. :grin:



Dude! Please go ahead and ask as much as you want. I am more than happy to help! :slight_smile:

Yeah the Steinberg is an external sound card. Funnily enough, I think I do not have an internal sound card at all. I’m using a hackintosh that I built from scratch years ago. That was a fun experience!!

The Nektar 49 is a semi-weighted. Honestly, a little lighter as compared to other semi-weighted keys. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I can comment on Ableton. :frowning: haven’t used it before. But, Ableton seems to be the preferred DAW for EDM stuff. So really depends on what sort of genre you going for.

And dude, if you want to explore writing cinematic orchestral stuff… let me know! I’ll guide you from the beginning. My favourite thing to do is help starting out composers find their feet or sound. I’ve mentored quite a number of composers on a casual basis for years.

Please ask away man!! Or hell… we can skype as well and chat away. :smiley:

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Thank you so much! :grin: Like I said, I’m just starting. I’ve played music on and off since I was little, mostly guitar, but this software is so new to me, and there’s so much to learn…

Nice! That external sound card could be a lifesaver for me. I thought I would have to splurge on a desktop to get proper ASIO support… :fearful: have you run into any problems with the hackintosh? I’ve always wanted to build one myself, but never took the time.

Interesting! I’m going for instrumental hip-hop, jazz, and metal (weird combo, I know, but I’m not playing all 3 at once :laugh:). So now I’m wondering whether Ableton is the right software for me. :thinking: What is Logic Pro geared towards? Odd though it may sound, the metal I want to play is closer to orchestral music than something like Megadeth or Metallica, so maybe Logic Pro would be a better choice…on the other hand, I’ve read that all of the DAWs essentially offer the same functionality, in different packages. Would you say that’s accurate? Or am I way off?

Dude! That would be fantastic! :grin: I’ve been trying to find my sound, as I’ve been getting back up to speed on the keyboard. I suck, to be honest. But I’m practicing almost every day, and I’m taking advantage of the MIDI capture feature in Ableton to rearrange what I play, fix some of the timing issues, etc.

If you’re willing to take on a student who’s pretty much a beginner, I can use all the help I can get. :slight_smile: I don’t have much time for the next month or so, but we can start after that, if you’re up for it. In the meantime we should definitely stay in touch – my email is [my first name] at