Moving articles from Hackernoon 1.0 to 2.0

Since the launch of 2.0, I noticed my readership drop dead to 0.

What has given me a sleepless week is all of my articles are archived on 2.0. How can I move these to published/featured on the new website?

Hey @init_27, sorry about the sleepless nights. Your readership has not dropped to 0, but with your stats on Medium dropping I think you see how much of the traffic Medium was/is responsible for. I apologize that all real-time stats are not available for stories on, but now that each story is connected to our own database, we are tracking this activity and are working to display this information.

Overall, the migration was successful. Even though we’ve published far less stories than a normal week - as the team as been deep in QA, support, The Noonies, and the next random problem that surfaces from a migration - traffic is up. Here’s our GA daily traffic since May 1:

More encouraging are the early returns on why traffic is up. Page load times have been cut in half, page views per session have more than doubled, and our bounce rate has dropped by over 50% (the effect of no account creation or paywall pop up ad). We’re headed in the right direction, but their are gaps in our software we have to keep improving on. SEO traffic, referral traffic and social traffic are continuing to flow onto your stories previously published on

The stats page is very much a work in progress, and for the story we just published by you, they’ll display pageviews and time reading in realtime. We’ll work toward a more comprehensive stats page for all your stories. It’ll take some time.

Hope that can help you get some rest, sorry again for the analytics confusion. Available here or on DM if you want to discuss any specifics or suggestions for how the stats page should work.


That’s a nice looking spike!

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Some of it is launch noise, but nice to know our servers can handle it.

Thank you so much for the extremely detailed answer and the details @David

I think I’ve gotten to the root of the problem. Most of my articles shared on the internet point towards the ones that are now listed as “archived” on HN 2.0. How can I move these to published or featured on my profile? I believe there is still traffic on my page but it isn’t showing up since these stories are archived.

Could you help fix the issue by moving these to published or point me to how do I do the same?

I’ve been a HN fan and contributor since my blog started and I will definitely continue to write on HN. Please excuse my breakdown it was really heartbreaking to see the viewership stats drop to zero. Since I don’t monetise my content the stats are my currency :sweat_smile:


I’ve got a similar issue. Most of my stories are archived, except the most recent ones which just don’t show up at all on the new hackernoon platform. Commenting here to follow when a solution is provided to you

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I hear you, @init_27. We plan on tracking traffic and reading time on archived stories in the near future, so rest assured, your stats will be back soon (I literally just added a task to Asana and assigned it to myself). In the meantime, if you write any new stories, I can assure you (as the guy who wrote most of the analytics system) that your pageviews and time reading will be tracked! :slight_smile: Sorry you ran into this issue, and thanks for writing for Hacker Noon!

P.S. as for monetizing your content, you can add a CTA to your profile (say, to a Patreon or something) in 2.0, at, under the “Writer Ad” tab.

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