More recognition


I feel that the clapping system previously didn’t really play enough towards an impact for letting good work be discovered? I’m sure this has been already raised, but the the community promotion of articles should be more compelling, more encouragement to share and offer the writer the exposure they deserve rather than become buried in a sea of literature.

I’m not necessarily sure of the mechanics of this or even the reward mechanism that associated to entice people to share what they think is brilliant, but some sort of user gamification that is directly correlated to behavior, success and great content should exist and only the community can influence the status that each of us hold. I feel that the incentive to promote good content by the community would also play to the favor of the success and further exposure Hackernoon could achieve.


Thanks for the input @arran! I think so many publishing platforms put such a high premium on fresh content that you really only have like a 6-12 hour window to get traction. If your title doesn’t drive clicks, you end up getting buried forever. We can do better. Here are a few thoughts off the top of my head.

  1. We should do a good job of promoting related content by tags. Platforms do this today but the focus seems to be on popular content that shares at least 1 tag in common. Maybe we should highlight less popular content with more than 1 tag in common.

  2. The homepage shouldn’t be purely composed of fresh content. In another thread we’ve discussed the idea of peer reviews. Maybe we can have a section for peer reviews and highlight stories that hit peer review milestones. (5,10, 20…)

  3. I think it should be easier to cross-reference stories in content. Sure writers can always go find a related story and throw an anchor link in the content but maybe we can do something better.

  4. Our tag pages shouldn’t be purely sorted by popularity. Maybe we should mix in less popular stories. Since we have an editorial process, the risk of highlighting a bunch of low quality stories goes way down.

I didn’t really cover your community promotion idea here. I’ll have to think more about that. But we’d love to hear more of your thoughts here if you think of anything to add.


Dane thanks for this and its a refreshing read. Since the platform is becoming more decentralized, potentially the community could decide more on what the homepage consists of, what deserves to be put up their from historical posts? I love that you guys are going to push older content and new, as I totally agree, some great content just gets buried under a sea of new.