Money or Passion?


Exploring an idea, related to this topic: $$$ for writing?
Plus i think my questions are good: $$$ for writing?

What do you think about creating a centralized or decentralized system, under HN core(or include existing service providers) for a people that write about big tech companies?
Ok, the question is not clear. let me give you some details that I came today.

The idea is simple. The implementation doesn’t.

There is an Asana company(first that came to my head after Trello) that might be interested and can pay for articles. They secure $X, related to writing articles about how to use their product at Hackernoon.

People write about it, like 10-20-100 articles during one month and that money awarded to these writers. HN get more articles, Asana gets exposure, Editors going crazy with an avalanche of new article submissions, writers get money, everyone is happy.

It can be done like a month basis contest. So we don’t need to focus on one thing more time and it wouldn’t require to have a lot of companies to join from the beginning. It can also help to promote a new product. They will be advertised via content marketing. @David, @Linh what is your take on it?

Ok, Github company for another example. We have a few topics GitHub Sponsors is So F*ckin' Smart | Github package store , where we discuss new features of it. I think it’s a good example of how much we interested in exploring those new features. at least excited about opportunities that they can bring to people.

Next thing - right now I’m doing a GitHub course. I collected a huge amount of links, related to Github resources. Most of them even I didn’t read them - but I’m a strong user of GitHub. If it can bring me an additional $50 - I’ll be happy and really bumped to do more and better. And content, that I collected - I think can be easily converted for 10 articles about git / github and version controls.

If you need a push, I can start this as my own challenge at this forum, so it might drive some attention from other folks.

Udemy, with its affiliate network, can be a similar source of payments. QuickCode publication space is a good example. They create a big collection of courses with affiliate links inside of it.

I can buzz @rrhoover (ProductHunt creator) and ask if he is interested to have PH as the first company to do it.

I think there is plenty of room for doing this. Because all of these things will be important after HN2.0 launch. Why not start to explore it right now, right?

I think it can be done very crystal clearly. via I think a lot of people will benefit from it. It can be a good way to increase the value of HN company as well and support writers like me with some side cash income.

Git Course creation Diary
$$$ for writing?

Ohh, so Ryan is part of this forum as well :slight_smile: