Monetize your expertise - the new professional community

All of us are members of different communities and social networks. We create a lot of content mostly for free, our audience is not able to reach us in person. Expertalk is going to change these things. Our goal is to create a professional community and allow users to monetize their knowledge, extend audience and gain credibility.

How it works:
User can join groups of interest. Each group has a board for posts and board for questions and answers.
When the user writes a post it appears on the personal page and may be shared in any group.
Questions may be asked in the groups only.
Users are able to discuss posts and answer questions.
Chat and live video chat are included. Users may request 1-to-1 consultations with other users.

Users are able to donate for good posts or answers.
Users are able to do paid 1-to-1 consultations.
Users can include ads to their posts and earn for views.
We are actively working on additional ways to monetize content and attract audience for our users.

Users will vote with money for a high-quality content.
Users will be able to find answers on their questions and even find consultants and mentors.
Users who have good expertise, but do not do consultations on a regular basis will be able to do it on demand and earn money.
Small businesses will get an instrument to attract more clients and consult them online without configuring multiple tools for chats and payments.
Users who help others will receive β€˜thanks’ visible on their profile to build credibility.

What do you think about this idea? I will appreciate any feedback in comments.
If you want to be an early adopter, please visit our landing page and request your invite