Moe-js - A Modern Template Engine for JavaScript

Moe-js - A Modern Template Engine for JavaScript

I’ve been using Handlebars in Node.js apps for a long time now and while it always gets the job done, sometimes I find it awkward to use. In particular I miss being able to use expressions and flexible logic flow directly in the templates. I know there’s an argument for keeping logic and views separate and that views should be “logicless”, but sometimes you just want a bit more control. The existence of libraries like Swag, suggests that I’m not alone here so I got to thinking…

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what about moving away from TE totally? I mean there was a lot of engines before and yet, always something is not looking cool or easy.

What my opinion - I’ll be happy if movement, related to markdown will kill most of old TE, because they not fresh anymore. will check MoeJS. but how it works with React/Angular?

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for reading. Not sure getting rid of theme engine completely is really a workable solution. Moe-js works more than just theming - you can use it as a replacement for any view engine in Node/Express. The use case is a lot wider than just translating markdown.

As for React/Angular - not sure. I’m only using it server side and can’t comment on client side usage.