Missing Stories

Hey @Hackerhodl @linh, my hackernoon stories are missing. I filled out a form 6 days back but didn’t hear back.

Please make my stories live again. My hackernoon handle is varunchoudhary14

Examples of missing stories: https://hackernoon.com/how-artificial-intelligence-is-redefining-art-6cea5a01b05b


Please publish these stories again, thanks!

Hey @varunchoudhary14,

Apologies for the delay from our side. We’ve fixed both your stories now.

Have a nice day.


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Thanks @Hackerhodl

This one is also missing: https://hackernoon.com/6-reasons-to-start-accepting-cryptocurrency-payments-dc5cf91af5ac

And there are other stories with images missing. What can I do about them?

Thanks once again!

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Add all broken links and stories in an email and send them to utsav@hackernoon.com with the subject line: Broken Stories.

Also add your HN handle in the body of the email.

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@Hackerhodl Email Sent!

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@Hackerhodl Did you get a chance to check that missing story? I sent an email but haven’t heard back. I bet you’ve been super busy but please publish the missing story when you can.

This is the only one missing at the moment: https://hackernoon.com/6-reasons-to-start-accepting-cryptocurrency-payments-dc5cf91af5ac

@linh @Hackerhodl hi there, my story is still missing. It’s been weeks. Here’s the url: https://hackernoon.com/6-reasons-to-start-accepting-cryptocurrency-payments-dc5cf91af5ac

Please publish this story. Thank you

Really sorry Varun. Took this long.

Fixed your story.

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No worries! You rock!

Thanks a lot!

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