[Minimizing Startup Costs] We Built our Own Email Marketing App in 4 Weeks

[Minimizing Startup Costs] We Built our Own Email Marketing App in 4 Weeks

Thanks to Hiten Shah who generously reviewed an early draft of this article.

Good reads bro thank for ton of info

Well done for going through the learning experience.

FWIW, from my own experience, the real pain in building/running your own email marketing platform is the whitelisting with mail service providers (to prevent going to spam) and bounce handling (recognizing soft-bounces vs. hard bounces, parsing the crappy replies you’ll get from different providers, auto-unsubscribing).

Also, if you’re paying more than $2K a month for email marketing, you’d sure want to be monetizing that. If email marketing is not your core business, I’d still outsource.

Just to be clear, I don’t work for any provider, have no vested interests. I did however create a distributed email marketing platform with template management, subscriber management, thread-management from web UI, etc back in 2003 in a week (before the days of AWS/SES) for a client with 1M emails to send, recognized the opportunity for a professional mail service but even then thought, “ugh, I really don’t want to be in this business”.

Out deliverability rate actually went up from rolling our own solution. Bounce handling got a lot easier with Amazon SES. You basically get a constant stream of notifications via Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) that notifies you of anything that happens on any of your emails (sent, delivered, opens, clicks, soft bounces, hardbounces, etc.). And you then just decide what to do based on those notifications. No need for handling crappy replies from different providers anymore and real time knowledge about how your campaigns are doing (This is not something most other email marketing providers share in such detail)

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Great to know - thanks for sharing the details.