Midnight.pub: a place for networked writing

Hey there Hackernoon,

For months, I’ve worked on midnight.pub as a side project. It’s a writing platform that aims to be roam meets write.as. It’s based around the idea of entries and bi-directional linking (references), to build a network of interconnected pages. Sounds much more complicated than what it really is. :slight_smile:

I would be thrilled to get your feedback. You can find it on https://midnight.pub, and a video that explains the concept on https://share.getcloudapp.com/8Lu7JkNO

Thanks in advance!


Interesting and entertaining, I’ve sent a key request :slight_smile:

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Hey @m15o, it’s fun to explore how pages should be connected. Write.as is a quality writing experience but hadn’t tried Roam before. Checked out their homepage, bold choice: 5 year plans for sale.

Requested access to try out Midnight.pub. Checking out the video, like the choice to use slash / to quickly link to reference your other content.

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Thanks @AnastasiaK and @David for taking the time!