Metaverse + Realverse: In Search Of Harmony

Hi, dear HackerNoon community.
what do you, guys, think about the potential impact of Metaverse / Virtual Reality / AR
on humanity / our brain / human values / human behavior / human nature?

How will Metaverse impact humanity?

Is Metaverse the future our brains were designed for that will help us to develop our inner world, human values and help our brain to reach its full potential?

Or, could Metaverse turn us into slaves of our technologies constantly searching for pleasure who are incapable of setting and achieving long-term goals and moving our civilization into a bright future?

I wrote an article on this topic, because I would like to find some answers.
Iā€™d like to share it with you:

I would be grateful for any feedback / ideas / suggestions, if you have some time for this.