Meet the New Hacker Noon Editors!


Our goal is to be the best place for tech professionals to publish. Today, I’d like to introduce you to four new Hacker Noon Staff Editors who will help us get there: @Natasha (Tech Editor), @hackernoondev (Software Development Editor), @utsavjaiswal (Blockchain Editor), and @piratebeachbum (Bitcoin Editor).

You can reach the new editors by emailing or direct messaging them on Twitter. These staff editor positions follow the increase of inbound demand of story submissions from revamping our contributing writer flow (available at

Now let’s meet our new Hacker Noon Editors:

Pirate Beachbum (Bitcoin Editor)

Pirate is a long time Hacker Noon contributor and co-founder of a popular social network. Pirate’s experience in building a popular social network — and before that a popular print magazine — brings rare expertise to making Hacker Noon a better contributor community and reading destination. Also, check out his crypto influencer series BITCOIN BEAR MARKET DIARIES (interviews with Hodlonaut , Akin Fernandez , and Jimmy Song ).

Natasha Nel (@HackerNoonTech)

Natasha graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Journalism degree and four years’ experience as a freelance news reporter in 2012. The six years in between then and now have seen her lead the content marketing team of South Africa’s biggest edtech acquisition success story, GetSmarter; manage marketing for Custos — a blockchain-based media protection company that won last year’s Blockchain App of the Year Award in Africa; and, most recently, help a team from LA take a Leafly-style app to market in the wake of very recent cannabis decriminalisation in South Africa.

Ethan Jarrell (@HackerNoonDev)

Ethan graduated from Utah Valley University in 2009 in graphic design. He spent much of the next 5 years as a graphic designer for a major sports company in North Carolina. In 2017 he shifted careers into web development, and eventually ended up on a development team at AT&T. Through his different roles and positions, he has focused on writing about the technology he works with through blogging and other mediums. Read more of Ethan’s stories .

Utsav Jaiswal (@HackerHODL)

Utsav enrolled to become a dentist in 2008 but got seduced by Blockchain in 2009. He’s been contributing to the development of the narrative around Blockchain technologies ever since. He calls himself an API between the technologists and the general public. As a non-engineer, he understands the requirements of businesses, as well as, the constraints of engineers, and then, he makes the twain meet.

Hacker Noon is working its way toward a community editorial line. Long term, we think Hacker Noon can become a decentralized editorial process based on meritocracy of subject matter expertise, i.e. the best blockchain contributors drive the blockchain stories’ curation and publishing; the best software writers drive the software stories’ curation and publishing; and so on. But we have to walk before we run, and that means, providing more editorial time.

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.


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