Meet TakeProfit: The Ultimate Platform for Self-Directed Investors

One week ago, we launched a closed beta at TakeProfit, a new community-driven platform for traders and investors. Alex Shulzhenko, former CMO of TradingView and current CEO of TakeProfit, shared the story behind building a one-stop-shop for trading research in one tab.

The idea behind TakeProfit was to change not only how we research and trade, but also how we engage with a community and navigate an integrated environment for financial markets. Think of it as Figma or Miro for traders — a cloud-based platform that consolidates 33 research tabs into one, covers all asset classes globally and provides a fully collaborative experience.

Do you also feel that traditional trading is somewhat outdated? Do you want a seamless environment with multiple apps at your fingertips, empowering traders to research and monetize their analytical findings? Then we want HackerNoon readers to be part of it and are offering free early access. Share your thoughts on article and hit us up on Twitter!