Medium has a bug and it is seriously useful

How I read member only⭐ articles on Medium without paying $5/month.

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What inspired me to write this article

Don’t be a knowledge scrooge. That’s a powerful line written by Felicia C. Sullivan in one of her articles “Let’s Talk About Giving it All Away for Free”

Reading this article was no less than a bliss as it has all the ingredients of a great Medium article as it is informative, productive and has a great advice to give out to the world…

To get, first start giving ” instead of keeping knowledge to yourself hoping it will dig gold for you someday. In my personal experience the knowledge kept to oneself looses its wings, while sharing is caring , I believe sharing is exploring. Its like igniting a fire, more interdisciplinary areas you expose it to, more opportunities you can explore.

As they say: “One man’s crap is another man’s gold” or the other way round… anyways but the idea is to give your ideas, your knowledge larger wings and let it spread because what you give to the universe comes back to you in 100 folds …I don’t say that, Rhonda Byrne’s does in her book “The secret" which has remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 190 weeks🤯… So hey, why not reap the benefit right away and get some good Karma points in the account.

Interesting huh!

So if you folks are still reading, I would love to share my own little trick here which you can use to read unlimited articles on Medium without paying a penny . So while your are binge reading on Medium and a scary pop up opens up like this:

You read a lot. We like that.
You’ve reached the end of your free member preview for this month. Become a member now for $5/month to read this story and get unlimited access to all of the best stories on Medium.

Follow these 2 simple steps to master the trick and read unlimited articles without putting your hands into the pocket🤤

  1. Copy the URL link of this article you want to read badly😉… Ctrl+C

  2. After that open your browser in incognito mode ( Ctrl + Shift + n for windows ) and paste the URL there… Ctrl+V

  3. Tadaaa… .have fun reading folks.

And you can keep repeating the same process to read any number of articles on for free until medium finds it out😜!

Install this extension to make Medium less annoying while reading in incognito mode

How would you feel if an irritating signup pop-up appears while you are reading an article, savoring it line by line, getting into the deep, making list of all the important points in your mind which you will eventually implement in your life or a project you are working on huh?

Let me give you an heads-up!

Medium will nag you asking for the signup because you have now been reading extensively in incognito mode without registration.

This may irritate you and force you to think that the little trick of using incognito mode to read medium articles for free is so much not worth it…but…but wait dear reader.

I am giving you another trick to save yourself from any interruption of this sort while you are reading on Medium:

Install Make Medium Readable Again extension for chrome.

#It comes with all these functionalities as mentioned by the developer Matt

  • Removes and un-sticks nag bars
  • Blocks Pardon the interruption. popup
  • Shrinks massive header images
  • Hides persistent Open in App button on Firefox mobile


  • Hides the clap / share bar
  • Disables popup menu when highlighting text
  • Loads all images up front, instead of lazy loading

Folks, to conclude I really feel good to share my little clean trick with the world which I have been using for quite some time now. I will keep adding a trick every week which I have explored and will be exploring. So please SHARE with your mates!

Do you want to feel good as well?

Yes of course, so add in the comment any trick you have been using or write an article so that this karma train keeps moving doing good for all.