Master the Art of Public Speaking with these 8 Simple Tips

Master the Art of Public Speaking with these 8 Simple Tips

It’s been a week of preparation and you’ve rehearsed in front everything and everyone, including, but notwithstanding mirrors, husbands and even cats. You’re geared up and ready to go. The stage is set, you start talking and within a few minutes, half of your audience, instead of glazing at you, locks their eyes into their gadgets. How to keep people entertained and win back those whose attention you’ve lost? I’ve uncovered the eight secrets of successful stage performance, which will help you keep even the most capricious audience.

I agree with most of your points, especially with the preparation and with the keep it simple (and on time).

But I disagree with “admitting to some weaknesses” in the introduction as that most of the time leads to people going on about how nervous they or how they did not have time to prepare.

I would also think about a memorable takeaway for the ending rather than saying goodbye (although I agree with the tips for the last slide)

For the preparation part, I would suggest finding a local group dedicated to public speaking (eg. Agora Speakers) as that will get you better feedback than your mirror (and maybe also than your husband :wink: )