Mass Marketing Strategy: Does it Work in the Taxi Service Industry?

Mass marketing is also a successful marketing strategy like a niche marketing strategy. As taxi service is also one of the widely demanded services you can follow the mass marketing strategy for it.

But to market a taxi service to a wider audience, you need to provide more kinds of services. For example, some people are looking for a private cab, some are bike taxis or electric bikes, and a few people are looking for business-class cabs.

So, to market your taxi to all these types of people you need to include all kinds of taxi services under your brand; and enable your customers to book your cab and taxis through a single application.

Simply, with your taxi booking application any kind of customer who looks for an e-bike on a rental basis, bike taxi, water taxi, air taxi, urban mobility, private cab, shared rides, business class cab, limo service, airport taxi, specialized taxi, and others are able to book their rides.

By doing this, you can follow the mass marketing strategy for your taxi service. All kinds of commuters like explorers, business people, last-minute runners, families on vacation, tourists, and any other people can find your taxi app helpful. But is it possible?

Let’s check: