Mas coin to substitute fiat for commodity purchase

FAQs on new crypto currency MASCOIN now being launched yesterday (18/7/19) by LATOKEN as IEO:

  1. Which project is behind your IEO:
    A: The Coking Coal Mining Project and Gold Mining in Zimbabwe.

  2. At what stage of development is your project?
    A: The coal is expected to go into commercial production in Dec 2019 whilst mining for the surface gold shall commence upon the IEO raising its hard cap of $10 million.

  3. Is the technical report of the coal and gold mining project available ?
    A: Yes, the Geologists’ Reports are available which indicated a mineable coal resource of some $800 million and $1.8 billion of mineable gold resource.

  4. Is there a marketing plan of the MAS COIN ?
    A: Yes, Pre-sale of token took place in Feb 2019 which raised $500K; Public Sale from 18 July 2019; Production and sale of coal in Dec 2019 using the MAS Coin as virtual currency and get 5 % discount on coal purchases and later on gold purchases.

  5. Is the website developed?
    A: Yes, please visit

  6. Is White paper ready?
    A: Yes, is ready and can be viewed in the website.

  7. Is there a Business Plan?
    A: Yes, it is in the White Paper.

  8. Is there an analysis of the choice of jurisdiction?
    A: Yes, based on available legal advice United Kingdom is the preferred jurisdiction

  9. How many MAS Coins are there
    A: 2 billion but only 50% are available for the public the rest will be kept by the founders and management and advisory team.

  10. What is the final product of your project?
    A: SoftCoking coal ( for steel production and blending for use as steam coal to produce electricity) and gold bars.

  11. Do you have experience in the field in which the project is planned. Can you confirm your experience by having a company or a management position in this field?
    A: The management and advisory team (7) have between them more than 200 years of experience. The consultant developing the MAS Coin ERC-20 protocol on ethereum blockchain and his team have between them more than 20 years of experience.

  12. Why did you choose IEO via LATOKEN Exchange as a means of raising funds for your project?
    A: Following others that have chosen the IEO route in stead of IPO with LATOKEN having more than 150,000 registered traders who could trade their LA and ETH tokens for MAS Coin.

  13. What is the expected funds to be collected from the IEO?
    A: USD 10million is our desired hard cap.

  14. On what platform is IEO planned?
    A: Ethereum

  15. Will BTC or other crypto or Fiat currency be accepted when buying MAS Coins?
    A: Yes via our other website

  16. Where would MAS Coins be listed for trading ?

A: On at least one Crypto Exchange soon after the close of the Public Sale on or before 31 August 2019.

  1. Where are your business offices ?
    A: In United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore, Zimbabwe and Malaysia with representative offices for MAS Coin marketing in Shenzhen, Seoul, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.