Marketing 301 for Engineers: Strategy & Planning

Marketing 301 for Engineers: Strategy & Planning

From Marketing 204 for Engineers: Generating Demand…

When all your tactics are not working out, your strategy is probably the problem. Haha, perfect.

But that’s a hard pill to swallow. And most people would rather stick to the old strategy than spend time and money on planning a new strategy.

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Content and copy are an important part of every marketing strategy. Businesses must understand the value of quality content and also how and when to present it to the target audience to increase conversion rate.

And that list of articles linked at the end of your article look like some great stuff to read for the day. Cool share.

So true. And then after sinking time and money into bold investigation and various methods for gaining clarity, you wind up with the old strategy in new clothes! Gotta watch out for those corporate antibodies.