Make Posting Great Again

Make Posting Great Again

I used to be excited to log into Facebook (and Instagram) every day and post about what happened in my life. This joy is long gone, and I find myself hesitating to post more often than I find myself actually posting. I’m attempting to figure why.

funny to read the moment of why you joined facebook. serving those age old human curiosities is a path to making essential tech for society. and how the pressure on each post changes over time. also worth considering why the illusion of ephemeral gained market share (snapchat and its close instagram stories). makes me think, how will the market share for the status update change over time?

I’m really not sure that the name ‘status update’ will stick for much longer. For my generation at least, it seems like stories have replaced the status update and will continue to do so. I could see a future where stories are the only possible update, but people can reply to the story via DM. The story will then show that there is a reply via DM, and the DM thread can evolve into a message board if other people want to reply.

It’s a definitely a different idea, but communication always evolves so who knows.

“Story” is definitely better branding than “Status Update” but the market remains the same, it’s a battle for what network captures the uploading of your content to the internet.

Well, I guess your suggestion would soon come to life. There are rumors (news maybe) that Instagram and YouTube will both remove likes. But I think it will be applicable for all kinds of profiles.

Likes, as you said, are becoming a social currency. The more the number of likes and followers, the richer the person is on social media. This trend was fanned to great heights with the advent of the show off social media platform we today call Instagram. And let’s agree, we all are a victim of it.

However, cutting off likes from a social platform is not the cure. Not at least from a business point of view.