Magento Community vs Enterprise Edition Comparison

Magento Community vs Enterprise Edition Comparison

For most store owners, the only difference between Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition is the cost. It’s definitely an important factor, but you need to think about the value and not just the price. You can prevent various potential challenges by figuring out which edition covers your business needs and goals better.

Another obvious response is — it depends on how much money you currently have. But there are a few big BUTs:

  1. How much money will you need to put into the free car down the line?
  2. Will the new car perform as well as you need it to?
  3. What if you need more horsepower or something breaks and your warranty is over?

The Magento software cost for the Open Source version is $0. You can download it for free, modify it, edit any files, and code all you want, and host it absolutely anywhere.

Most ecommerce agencies and sources state that Magento Commerce costs a minimum of $22,000 per year ($1,833 per month). This number is prone to increase depending on two factors: Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and Average Order Value (AOV).

You get all the features that come with Magento Commerce: advanced content creation with Page Builder, Magento’s B2B and Business Intelligence tools, Progressive Web App Studio, and much more.

Plus, you get all the benefits of the cloud — lower maintenance and support costs, a fast and stable website, and shared security responsibilities between Magento, Amazon, and your team.

Many sources state that Commerce Cloud starts from $40,000 per year ($3,333 per month) and increases in price depending on the same factors (GMV and AOV). Here is more