Made a new notification tool and I'm looking for some beta testers :)

Hi everyone!

I’ve been working in DevOps for quite a while now (> 1yr) and have always been a full stack developer, always involved in developing from end to end.

Due to my background, two years ago I started noticing I lacked a tool to monitor better what happened around my systems, which would push me notifications whenever I wanted, with whatever kind of content. After starting doing DevOps I realized i desperately needed such a kind of tool (I’m very well aware and use many monitoring products, but none of the kind I desired).

Long story short, after 2 years of working weekends and early-raise mornings, I finally managed to put together Notify17, which is a tool I’m now using every single day to receive custom notifications (on iOS for now) from the most disparate sources (e.g. Graylog, Grafana, Jenkins).

I’m looking for anyone who’d like to try it out with beta-tester benefits, which means just using the tool whenever you feel like and have an extended free tier (free tier for some good time, 3 months at least), with the purpose of seeing if it could fit into daily life as a companion tool, as well as to get some feedback about the overall functionalities.

Disclaimer: It is clearly a commercial product, and my intentions are to keep it this way, so if I’m breaking any rules of this community feel free to kill my post.

Note 1: for who’s interested as beta user, please just drop your email address at after you log in once into the dashboard.

Note 2: for who’s interested in knowing when the Android app will come out, I made a little mailing list you can subscribe to at the bottom of the homepage.

Thanks a lot,


for cases like this i have a link:

Thank you @arthur.tkachenko !

The biggest challenge in my case is that the main end-users are backend developers/DevOps people. Also, for the moment, only iOS is supported, which restricts the beta to a specific group.

I am interested in seeing if there is interest in the product features, and receive opinions on it. It’s a little less “mechanical” testing and more “personal” :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve been working in IT for about 15 years, about 10 of them in software development, doing what eventually became known as DevOps (building virtualized systems from EXSi, custom caching mechanisms, frameworks from the ground-up, etc). I’d love to help test this out as it sounds pretty interesting. Unfortunately I don’t have an iOS device so I’ll have to subscribe to the Android mailing list, but once that version is available I’m on board for testing and providing feedback.

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Hi! Thanks so much, I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the Android app is ready! :smiley:

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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the Android app is now available at :smiley: