Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration

Lotus Notes has been affected much due to the popularity of Outlook. Or we can say most of the users are looking for a secure way to adopt Outlook. In this scenario, it is not that you had been using Lotus Notes and now made the new profile on Outlook and started using it, no. This also needs users to migrate their data from Lotus Notes to Outlook, and for that, users essentially need to convert NSF to PST. For this task, the manual method proves hard to follow and risky, therefore, users like to look for secure means. Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool can be the best choice to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook and simply comes with so many features and with a simple GUI. This software efficiently completes the task of Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration without any data loss.

Features of Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool:

  • Store oversized amount of NSFs files at a time through online and offline both modes.

  • Comes with an incremental export feature that saves users time throughout the conversion process.

  • The filters of the tool can be used to add or remove items accordingly from the process.

  • Folder mapping and email translation kinds of advanced features are also embedded in this tool.

*FREE demo version of Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter is also available; for unbiased evaluation, grab this version before purchase.

Read more: https://www.shoviv.com/blog/how-to-convert-lotus-notes-email-to-outlook-manually/

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There are two ways you may accomplish this if you wish to convert your NSF files to PST files. The manual technique is the first, and employing specialized software is the second. Compared to a professional, the manual procedure takes longer. The user of the manual approach should also be a technical specialist. This is why it would be beneficial for consumers to proceed using a professional approach. This expert program comes with a user-friendly interface and many complex capabilities. The NSF to PST Converter Tool is incredibly user-friendly and makes it simple for anybody to convert NSF to PST format. There are no restrictions of any type on uploading several, huge NSF files at once. In addition, even after conversion, the folder organization and integrity of the contents are left untouched. For a more thorough understanding of this tool’s features and capabilities, use the free demo version.

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I would offer a simple method for converting NSF files to PST file types without losing any data. The data from NSF files may be converted to Outlook PST file formats with the help of this ToolsBaer NSF to PST Conversion Tool. You can convert an NSF file into a PST file without any issues even if you don’t have a technical knowledge-based personality. This utility can convert NSF files into PST files, allowing users to utilize it on any computer or device that supports Microsoft Outlook. With the use of this program, users may save their exported data at a resultant spot. Download the free demo version of this program to learn more about the utility’s features and capabilities.