Looking to interview experienced PMs (>5 years)

Hi all,
I’m Looking to interview senior PMs, with at least 5 years of experience. Preferably those who are not yet VP/CPO, but are aspiring to get there.
I’m writing an article on leveling up Sr. PMs and would love to hear how different PMs see it.
The typical duration of the interview is about 20 minutes. The interview format is very casual. We just have discussions on a few topics related to Product Management. Data and answers will remain anonymous of course.
If you’re interested (truly appreciated), please reply here or DM me
Thanks :raised_hands:


try me

Let’s try to sync a time slot here - https://calendly.com/yoavyechiam/sr-pm-interview

can it be interview via email? trying avoid calls as much as I can

Not really… Sorry.
If you’re still up for it it would be great. If not I still thank you for reaching out and trying